Tandem Bergamo
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  • I’m not a student from UniBG, can i join the Tandem project?
    Yes, you can be a part of the Tandem project joining AEGEE-Bergamo, please contact us!

  • Can i offer payed language lessons or such through the Tandem website?
    Absolutely not, the Tandem is intended for a mutual free language exchange between users.

  • In the registration i see a Facebook field, are you going to spam it to other users?
    Absolutely not, you can fill it or not, we just use it to show a nice photo of you.

  • I can't login anymore, what happened?
    If that happens, please send us a message regarding your problem including your username or student ID. We constantly check with the University database if a user is still a student, but might happen that your ID is not valid anymore due to graduation or such.

  • I can't login anymore, what happened?
    The tandem project has an automatic system that recognize spammers; that means that bulk messaging and messages with the intent of spamming or stalking are forbidden, hence penalized with temporary banning at first, subsequent violation will cause permanent banning from the service until further decision.

  • I can't write messages anymore, what happened?
    We try to make the project works flawlessy avoiding any kind of spam, so there's a daily limit of messages you can send and other users might block you if they feel like. In the first case, wait till next day!