Tandem Bergamo
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About the project

Tandem Bergamo Project is developed by AEGEE-Bergamo with the collaboration of the University of Bergamo.

The reason for founding Tandem Bergamo was our observation that a lot of Italian students go abroad; a lot of exchange students come to Bergamo and except for some weekly lessons they almost never had the chance to study the desired languages in order to be able to study in a foreign country and mix with local society properly.

Studying a language just from paper and books is almost never enough.
This makes hard for university students to study a language without paying for an expensive commercial course.

This is why we set up this project! Joining is completely free of charge but support in the shape of feedback is always much appreciated!

How does it work?

The aim of the Bergamo Language Exchange Programme is to bring people that want to learn each others languages together.
There are just two things to do to find your own tandem-buddy:

1. Subscribe to the Tandem Project
Login with your University of Bergamo username and password.
Now from the settings page you can update your entire profile: be specific about the language(s) that you speak and are able to teach but also about the language(s) that you would like to learn and your current level, and also your interests, this will help you to find the right buddies for you.
Is your language not in the list for some reason? Be sure to notify us!
Ready? Press Save and you are now officially part of the Tandem Bergamo project, congrats!

You will be able to find your partners (if available) in the Buddies section, you can also update your Match criteria and Profile.

2. Find a Buddy
Found a buddy? Great! Now it's time for you two to grab a beer together, to learn how to say Cheers, learn each other how to order a pizza in your languages and most of all: have fun!

Good luck finding a partner and be sure to respect the etiquette, depending on which country the person you are going to meet is coming from, like explained in this infographic! Let us now your experiences through the Contact Organisers page; we love your stories!